Therapak® Insulated Envelopment with Zipper Seal

  • Triple layer construction maintains integrity of samples
  • Reusable envelope features leak resistant zipper seal
  • Combine with Ambient Gel Wrap for best ambient shipping results

Therapak’s Insulated Foil Envelope Mailer offers sanitary protection of samples transported in specimen bags. When used as a standalone mailer envelope, shippers can insert multiple sample bags into the interior of the envelope and seal the zipper track for a protective transport environment. The reusable mailer can also be used in conjunction with Therapak Ambient Gel Wrap (#56400) to form an insulating package for the transport of biological samples inside of a transport bag. The gel wrap can be inserted into the mailer envelope whereby the sample transport bag with tubes and absorbent are concealed in an insulating barrier of gelatin-like protection. Ask us about our complete ambient shipping systems.