Easy and efficient patient protection

Complete Medical can provide you with exactly what you need. Select an apron from our range or we can build to your specifications. Our Mission is to provide the best quality, best service and best value personal protective apparel and accessories in the Australasian market. Supported by the worlds largest and most innovative manufacturer means you never have to compromise your safety.

Patient Apron

Radiation protection goes on easily and efficiently with the Patient Apron. This half-apron design has a secure hook-and-loop closure that keeps the protective garment in place without slipping. You pick the apron length you desire, from 12″-24″. Designed with a variety of patient body types in mind, they all come with a generous 24″ width for an increased area of protection. Sizes include small (12″ by 24″), medium (18″ by 24″), and large (24″ by 24″).

Demi Aprons & Racks

They may be Demi Aprons, but this isn’t half-sized radiation protection. As shields for the loin/gonad region, these radiation protective garments attach to the body with your choice of a strong, flexible vinyl-covered belt, or a web belt with either a buckle or hook-and-loop closure. Sizes range from small to extra-large, with lengths from 10-16″ to fit patients of any age or size. This set of four Demi Aprons comes with a rack.

Demi Apron Set with Hook & Loop Closure

Maximize your radiation protection options with this set of Demi Aprons. They feature a hook-and-loop closure for a comfortable, secure fit during use. Sizes include small (10″ by 8.5″), large (14″ by 16″), and extra-large (16″ by 20″).

Scoliosis Stole

Imaging the spinal region while protecting the breast and lungs is a snap. The Scoliosis Stole drapes over the shoulders like a scarf, making it easy to use during spinal X-rays. Get a custom fit that secures the Scoliosis Stole in place on the patient’s body with a wrap-around, buckle-closure belt. Measures 14″ wide by 31 1/4″ long.

Adult Breast Shields

These Adult Breast Shields put the radiation protection where you need it during spinal imaging. Simply adjust the neck strap with its easy hook-and-loop fastener to position the shields exactly where you desire. Each set contains four sizes: two 6.75-by-8″ shields, two 7.75-by-10″ shields, two 9.75-by-12″ shields, and two 11.5-by-14″ shields.

Triangular Gonad Shield

Supreme radiation and imaging protection for the most sensitive area of the body. Developed with male and female anatomy in mind, the 9″ Triangular Gonad Shield is an excellent radiation protection complement to any protective apron. With its slightly rounded sides, the unisex design permits targeted positioning between the thighs and the pubis. A tie closure keeps the shield secure around the hips.

Oval Gonad Shield Set

Properly shielding the gonadal region during imaging or radiation is essential for patients of any gender. This Oval Gonad Shield Set contains three sizes of shields: small (4.5″ by 5.5″), medium (6.75″ by 8″), and large (7.75″ by 10″). Each shield is held in place on the body with a hook-and-loop belt. For convenient storage, each shield set includes a wall hanger, which attaches to wall surfaces by hook, nail or screw. Hardware not included