Staff members at hospitals, medical facilities and imaging centers have the ability to access details on each radiation protection apparel product in their inventory direct from their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Unlike similar systems that require external software or specialized RFID tags, the SmartID system uses QR code scanning technology employed by smart phones and other mobile devices. Each item in inventory is assigned a unique QR code; scanning this QR code directs the user to a web-based database record for that item. From this record, users can easily find product details, view a virtual image of the product and access complete inspection reports for the product—all in the same database record and all without the use of special software.

Key Features

No Software Installation

No software installation or it involvement required. For mobile access, simply download any free qr reader app to your mobile device.

No Extra hardware

No proprietary hardware required. This means no costly proprietary hardware that can be lost or needs to be replaced/upgraded.

Available to partners

Available to hospital partners at no cost in exchange for approximately 80% non-binding commitment of protective apparel purchases.

Add existing inventory

Tags available for existing & new inventory.

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure tier 4 cloud-based data storage.


Labels are provided to you at NO CHARGE. Your Bar-Ray representative will assist in tagging existing items, entering data, and will train designated staff members to do so. A small, highly flexible label is applied in a locati on so as not to come in contact with the wearer’s skin. The specially manufactured adhesive is bonded with the surface of the product after a 48 hour “curing” time. All available information is manually entered for each item, however if your facility currently uses an Excel spreadsheet for tracking, we may be able to upload the file to your online inventory.

Automatically added

When your new Bar-Ray Aprons arrive, they are automatically added to your inventory.

Each apron will arrive with a pre-installed label and an exhaustive list of data on each apron will automatically be available to you in your inventory list. NO DATA ENTRY REQUIRED; just a simple scan of the QR code upon arrival and clicking “ADD TO INVENTORY” will activate your product and all data pre-loaded at the Bar-Ray factory. If you do not have access to a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, you can also activate your product by typing into the web browser on your computer the address at the bottom of each tag.

SmartID FAQs

From this screen you may search your inventory or sort it by any displayed column.

Removed Inventory is where all products removed from use are stored. If item is repaired, product can be quickly added back into Active Inventory.

Items are color coded in your inventory by last inspection date. You have the ability to set your own coding time intervals. SmartID will also notify you by email at your specified intervals when your product is nearing its inspection due date.

This gives you a full view of the item and colour, very easy to locate when screening or cleaning.
Outlining the last scan date, protection levels, type of item, style of item, sizing, manufacture dates and any extra notes that have been applied to this item.

The Scan Log is where the entire inspection history of your apron is stored.At each inspection, the user simply selects the Pass or Fail button. The user’s name and date is then automatically recorded in the log after hitting the Update Scan Results button, all of which may be done from your mobile device. If there is a suspicious area found, an image may be uploaded to the scan log for an RSO or Supervisor to review directly from your mobile device.

Scan an apron with your mobile device and see the complete record of information on-the-spot. JHACO inspector pulls out an apron and asks when it was last scanned? Not sure if an apron belongs to your department or another? Have an answer within seconds.

With SmartID, your data is always your data. Easily export your complete inventory information to an Excel file at any time, whether just for extra backup, or to import to a new inventory management program.

Easily print an information sheet with scan log for each item in your inventory.

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