See what everyone is talking about – CMA continues to put your personal lead protection needs first and foremost! We are constantly striving to develop ways to improve our services and offerings to make life easier for our clients.

Screen Test

CMA in conjunction with our licensed Radiographer will undertake your annual gown screening onsite at your facility. You will receive a comprehensive written report of ALL times tested and notification of any failures. Testing will be undertaken using either ARPANSA recommendations an/or relevant State Statutes.

All we need is the number of gowns to be tested and an appropriate screening room with machine. SmartID Asset Management System can be updated during screening to ensure accuracy of your records.

Screening services can be undertaken in conjunction with CMA’s Cleaning Service.

Complete Medical Australasia - Clean & Screen H2 Section Image Screen
Complete Medical Australasia - Clean & Screen H2 Section Image Cleaning


Cleaning and sanitising your PPE lead aprons, thyroid collars, shin guards and table aprons on site! Using or specialised proprietary process CMA can clean and sanitise your items ready for use the next day. Will your items be brand new? – no – but they will feel, look and most importantly smell far better than they do now!

Performed on a quarterly, bi-annually or annual basis. After years of research and product testing we have the answers to smelly, dirty and uncomfortable PPE items.


Optional with your screening we can provide an internet based Asset-Management System exclusive to CMA at no extra cost allowing you real time monitoring of your fleet’s status, condition reports and most importantly a report at your fingertips from commissioning to decommissioning and disposal of every item.

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Complete Medical Australasia - Clean & Screen H2 Section Image Decomissioning


CMA along with its appointed distributors offer a return and recycle service of decommissioned lead aprons and other lead apparel items.


Once received the items are stripped of outer covers and plastic hardware (buckles etc). Internal materials are separated into leaded and non-leaded. Materials are returned to USA where they are put through a monitored recycling process extracting approximately 80% of materials.

Please remember as these items contain lead and other “heavy metals”, items cannot be disposed of using land fill or low temperature incineration.