Accessories & maintenance products for radiation protection

Complete Medical can provide you with exactly what you need. Select an apron from our range or we can build to your specifications. Our Mission is to provide the best quality, best service and best value personal protective apparel and accessories in the Australasian market. Supported by the worlds largest and most innovative manufacturer means you never have to compromise your safety.

Replacement Wide Belt

Have the protective apron but lost the belt? We offer a Replacement Wide Belt for our Wide Belt, Comfort Wrap, and Wide Belt Wrap Around aprons. This 6” wide elastic belt keeps the protective garment’s weight off your shoulders and on your hips while providing lumbar support. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes, so you’ll find a belt that will fit your body type.

Super Belt

Packed with features like a clever “pulley” system that works like a corset.  Simply grasp the handle tab and cinch the belt for a secure fit. Smooth to the touch, the Super Belt’s inner felt lining is comfortable around your midsection, especially during lengthy procedures. The rugged, tear-resistant nylon exterior stands up to hours of repeated use. Available in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large. Available in black only.

Page Cap

Our easily adjustable Page Cap completes your anti-radiation protection by shields your head. No matter your size, this cap stays snugly in place with its strong hook-and-loop fasteners and keeps you cool with a ventilated mesh crown. This cap is the perfect addition to your protective apron.


Block radiation scatter to the humerus with these protective Sleeves, which can be sewn on or attached with hook-and-loop fasteners and a snap. Pair them with our wrap around protective aprons or vests to maximise radiation protection for your arms and shoulders. When ordering, please tell us your left or right sleeve preference, desired length of the sleeve, and attachment option. Sleeves sold individually.

Shin Guards

Give your tibia bone some TLC against radiation scatter with these durable Shin Guards. Secure them to your legs with the sturdy hook-and-loop fastener straps and place them where you need them. When ordering, be sure to tell us your calf circumference and preferred shin guard length.

Pregnancy Panel

This is a must-have item for pregnant imaging professionals. Slip the Pregnancy Panel under any protective apron, and you’ve just added another element of radiation protection for the baby in the mother’s womb. Larger than a Patient Apron, the Pregnancy Panel’s generous size takes into account the baby’s growth and development at major pregnancy milestones. With the Pregnancy Panel, you won’t need to spend time looking for separate pieces to use with frontal and wrap around aprons. Measures 20.5″ wide by 16″ long.

Vet Mittens

Our leaded Vet Mittens feature nonslip material on the palms, so you won’t lose your grip while positioning animal patients during procedures. To keep the mittens on your hands, simply secure them in place with the flexible wrist strap, secured wiht a hook-and-loop fastener. With their generous size and Fun & Fashion Petcetera fabric (#780) embellishing the top sides, these Vet Mittens are sturdy and resist scratches and tears from animal claws. Offers .50mm wrap-around protection, available in colour/patter #780 as shown.

Sani-Cloth Active Wipes

Sani-Cloth Active Wipes are disposable cleaning and disinfection wipes for non-porous alcohol sensitive hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.  Sani-Cloth Active residual action safely and effectively eliminates and inhibits the growth of micro-organisms making them a great choice to pre-clean or decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilisation or high level disinfection.  Each canister contains 200 wipes.

Sani-Cloth Detergent Wipes

Sani-Cloth Detergent multi-surface ready to use wipes are pre-soaked in a low level of detergent yet alcohol and disinfectant free for the cleaning and removal of blood, during and other bodily fluids prior to disinfection of beds, mattresses and most other surfaces.  Single use lint-free wipes, reducing the risk of infection caused by reusable cloths and liquids.  Each canister contains 150 wipes.