Australian Made Storage Racks

From single hangers to multi-apron racks, wall-mounted or mobile, CMA has what you need to keep your X-ray aprons and radiation protection garments organised. Our robust mobile stands racks are Australian made from powder coated aluminium and are designed for durability.

Mobile Vest & Skirt Rack

Mobilise your radiation protection material. With the Vest & Skirt Rack, store up to 10 sets of skirts and vests without folding or wrinkling. Extended horizontal rods along the bottom allow you to hang your skirts, while the top level houses angled rods ideal for suspending vests.  Move the rack smoothly across floor surfaces with heavy-duty castors that support the weight of the aprons.

Slim Line Hang Rite Full Gown Rack

Our newly designed Slim line rack allows for 5 full gowns. 

Due to its sleek design it can be stored almost anywhere and allows for the full gowns to be stored correctly and easily.

Comes with lockable non marking wheels for ease of manoeuvring.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

Space Saver Half Rack

When space is an issue and you want a storage solution the Half rack maybe the ideal for you.

Designed to glide smoothly from room to room, the rack wheels are swivel and lockable making it extremely easy to manoeuvre. It comes with a notched stainless steel bar which allows for storing up to 7 gowns. Steel frame has a powder coated finish.

100% designed and manufactured in Australia.

H-Frame Hanger Stand

Designed to glide smoothly across floor surfaces, the H-Frame’s wheels also lock in place to create a stationary storage unit. Five of our Economy steel, nickel-plated hangers – durable for use with any apron – are included. Additional hangers can be purchased separately.

NEW Stainless Steel 5 Arm Rack

• Multi- directional
• Stainless Steel bracket and hangers 
• Hangers come with Nibs ( To allow for ease skirt hanging)

Peg Rack

Need a rack that doesn’t outweigh your aprons? The Peg Rack provides a simple solution for your storage needs. It’s especially useful for tight spaces, and you can store anywhere from one to nine aprons on the study, high tensile aluminium peg supports. All pegs measure 4 3/4” long.

Installation hardware is not included. Only available in white.

Economy Hanger

Tired of skirts slipping off your hangers? The Economy Hanger’s upswept tips keep a secure hold on your skirts and aprons during storage. The nickel-plated, steel wire construction lends durability and prolongs the longevity of the hanger. Pair them with our H-Frame Rack and ensure sturdy, secure, and economical storage for your valuable skirts and aprons.

Deluxe Hanger

Aprons get the royal treatment with his hanger style. Fashioned from chrome-plated steel, the lightweight, semi-closed Deluxe Hanger is designed to hold any style of apron without bending. You won’t need to worry about your aprons slipping off this hanger, thanks to the raised-end design.

NEW Heavy Duty Lead Gown Hangers

Manufactured to suit the vest and skirt with the curved ends to allow for the skirt to hang correctly. The hanger also allows you to have the full gown or the vest as it is shaped to go with the contour of the gown.
Available in Yellow, Black or White.