Complete Medical Australasia is your complete source for medical storage equipment and personal protection solutions. With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, we provide a personalised service with solid after sales support to hospitals and medical institutions throughout Australasia.

We are Winners

Winner of Tender for Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is Adelaide’s largest hospital and the state’s flagship hospital providing a comprehensive range of the most complex clinical care to an estimated 85,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatients each year. Complete Medical was proud to be commissioned from approximately 21 tenderers to provide the protective aprons, accessories and storage solutions throughout the hospital.  We continue to work with RAH in providing our high quality products with the best protection.

Personal Lead Protection

Our manufacturer and partner in Personal Lead Protection  is Bar-Ray , the global leader in innovative personal radiation protection products.  Together we offer unmatched quality, service and support.  Manufactured in the USA factory our Independent Testing and Satisfaction Guarantee  makes Complete Medical Australasia your number 1 choice.

Medical Storage Solutions

Designed and manufactured in Australia by our team of experts and liaising with our clients Complete Medical Australasia can determine the most practical solutions to any storage requirements.  Our MediCab Storage Cabinets  and custom made lead storage racks  have been the preferable choice for hospitals and device companies throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years.

Fixed or mobile

Radiation Protection Screens

Our Medical Storage  and Radiation Protective Screens  are 100% Australian Made. Fixed or mobile, with lead glass viewing panel or without, glass or lead acrylic options available. Custom made to suit your specifications and requirements.


Our eyewear contains 0.75mm equivalent leaded glass that provides 95 percent attenuation up to 125 kVp.  We offer superior protection and features like prescription  upgrades, head straps, side shield protection, and chemical resistance.


At Complete Medical Australasia quality and service is our priority.  Our products are in-demand and proven for their top quality which is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, our independent testing and extra value added services such as Lead Gown Hire, SmartID® Asset Management System, Cleaning & Screening and Disposal Services.


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The Complete Medical team is made up of dedicated people driven to provide the best service and quality to meet our customers’ needs. Our head office team consists of Warren, Alison and Brooke. We have representation in WA, Vic and Qld with equally dedicated and well-informed people to provide the best possible solutions for radiation protection and storage solutions.

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