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Complete Medical can provide you with exactly what you need. Select an apron from our range or we can build to your specifications. Our Mission is to provide the best quality, best service and best value personal protective apparel and accessories in the Australasian market. Supported by the worlds largest and most innovative manufacturer means you never have to compromise your safety.

Choose from 5 different protection levels

XENOLITE®800-NL: a lead-free, super-lightweight two-element composite, 800-NL is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

XENOLITE®700-E: a lead-free, lightweight two-element composite, 700-E is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

STRATA: a Lead-free, lightweight bi-layer, Strata is a recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

XENOLITE®600-B: the original lightweight composite, three-element material, with some lead content. 600-B is mid-priced and recyclable.

Cost Cruncher (Lead 900): a 100% lead-based material, Cost Cruncher is the traditional protective material, used frequently by technicians who do not require extended intervals of time for apron use. It is a lower-priced, non-weight sensitive product used for gamma-radiation (Nuclear Medicine) applications, as well as x-ray procedures (CT-assist, thorax) over 120 kV.