12 standard apron designs, over 400 colours and patterns

Complete Medical can provide you with exactly what you need. Select an apron from our range or we can build to your specifications. Our Mission is to provide the best quality, best service and best value personal protective apparel and accessories in the Australasian market. Supported by the worlds largest and most innovative manufacturer means you never have to compromise your safety.

Choose from 5 different
protection materials


The lightest full protection lead-free apron. 10% LIGHTER than our leading apron Prestige, making it the lightest lead-free protection material.

Available in 0.50mm or 0.35mm. The 0.35mm or ‘Ultra’ version is nominally 30% lighter than the 0.50mm protection.

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PRESTIGE is lead free and our lightest weight protection material. It is exclusively available in Australia through Compete Medical Australasia. A traditional protection option favoured by technicians for use during lengthy procedures.  Available in either 0.35mmPbE or 0.5mmPbE protection. You won’t believe how light full protection can be. The 0.35mm or “ultra’ version is nominally 30% lighter than the 0.5mm protection


Scatter Sentry is a new, innovative, high performance, lightweight bi-layer of radiation protection material. It provides optimal protection from scatter radiation and fluorescence during fluoroscopic procedures.


STARLITE is a lead free, lightweight protective material suited for use in lengthly medical procedures as it maintains the weight advantage over a traditional protective material that contains Lead. Starlite is also available in either 0.35mmPbE or 0.5mmPbE protection.  The 0.35mm or “ultra’ version is nominally 30% lighter than the 0.5mm protection.


The first generation of lightweight protective materials, another innovation from Bar-Ray more than 10 years ago. Truelite, a traditional option containing a mixture of lead and lead-free material, bears a weight range between Cost Cruncher and Starlite options.  Truelite is available in 0.35mmPbE & 0.5mmPbE protection. The 0.35mm or “ultra’ version is nominally 30% lighter than the 0.5mm protection.

Standard Vest: Velcro Closure

This Standard Vest offers superior radiation protection with a simple design and easy in-and-out hook-and-loop closure. Inside, a buckle keeps the inner front panel securely in place while you work.

Standard Vest: Buckle Closure

Enjoy the lightest radiation protective vest we offer with the buckle-closure version of our Standard Vest. The shoulder and torso buckles, along with hook-and-loop fasteners on the inside front panel, will stay closed to keep the front panel securely in place under any conditions.

Standard Vest: Reverse Vest

Pair this vest with a radiation protection skirt for maximum coverage with a lighter feel. With a vest, you’ll have less fabric to hang from your shoulders than with a protective apron, and our Reverse Vest’s stretch-back design with hook-and-loop shoulder and waist straps goes the extra mile to keep the weight comfortably on your waist. You’ll love the snug fit that’s easy to work in.

Wide-Belt Vest

Pair your radiation protective vest with a 6″wide back-saving belt. It’s great for distributing weight and serves as a back support, too. Pair with a protective skirt for ultimate back support and total body protection.

Standard Skirt

Pairing this skirt with a radiation protection vest has its advantages: the individual pieces fit snugly to your body, feel more like regular clothing, and offer the same radiation protection as a full-size protective apron. Our Standard Skirt will stick with you, thanks to the waistline’s exterior 2″ buckle and interior nonslip material.

Standard Skirt with Suspenders

Wide, comfortable suspenders and nonslip fabric provide extra support so you’ll never have to hitch up your skirt again. Paired with a 2″ buckle closure at the waist, the traditional crisscross suspenders keep the radiation protection skirt snugly fastened to protect even the most narrow-hipped body.

Vari Weight

Offering comfort, cost-effectiveness, and an easy on-off design, the Vari-Weight is our most popular protective apron style. The fabric crosses your upper back then dips low to secure at your hips with a hook and loop fastener.  This garments design rests the weight securely at your waist and keeps your sleeves on your shoulders.


Need a snug, comfortable apron that moves with you and won’t weigh you down? Look no further. With a criss-cross back and hook and loop fasteners at the hips, the Vari-Flex protective apron offers an easy in and out experience.  Similar to our Vari-Weight, the Vari-Flex features an added stretch back that hugs your body and gives you greater back support, too.


Beat lower back pain with our 6” wide elastic belt. This protective apron’s supportive belt keeps the garments’ weight off your shoulders and on your hips while providing supreme lumbar support, and a shoulder strap secures the sleeves on your shoulders. For stronger reinforcement try this apron with our Super Belt option.

Deluxe Apron

Looking for a universal apron that’s a step up from the Standard? Our Deluxe model offers a 2” wide belt with your choice of hook and loop or easy buckle closure. The protective aprons’ shoulders will comfortably stay in place, thanks to its shoulder strap.

Standard Apron

Cost-efficient yet effective, this classic apron sets the standard for radiation protection. Ideal for environments where hook and loop fasteners won’t do, the durable 1” straps tie at the waist for a secure fit that reduces fatigue.

Economy Apron

When you need maximum radiation protection at a reasonable price, try the Economy apron. Offering the same safety protection as the Standard apron for all radiology settings, the Economy comes with a 1″ wide waist strap, extra cushion in the shoulders, and a shoulder strap to prevent the garment from slipping during procedures.

O.R. Flex Apron

Ideal for surgical settings, you can take off the O.R. Flex and stay sterile. Wear the radiation protection apron under your surgical gown, and when you’re ready for removal, ask an assistant to pull the hook-and-loop fastener tabs at your shoulders. It only takes one quick yank and the protective apron drops to the floor so you can continue your work. Better yet, this protective apron incorporates the Vari-Flex’s stretch-back design for a snug fit and better weight distribution to alleviate pressure on your back and neck.

Surgical Drop-Off Apron

The name says it all. This protective apron drops off smoothly, even underneath your surgical scrubs. Two straps cross in the back and secure with hook-and-loop fasteners at this hips. To remove, simply pull the tabs and the entire protective garment slides to the floor. The easy release, padded shoulders, and front pocket make this our most popular radiation protection apron for surgery. Stores easily on our Apron Rack.

Economy Stretch Belt

Pamper your back with our Economy Stretch Belt. This protective apron design is similar to our Deluxe model but includes a 2″wide belt with two padded back inserts for extra comfort and support. Comes with a shoulder strap and a belt with your choice of hook-and-loop fasteners or easy buckle closure.

Comfort Wrap

Our 6″wide elastic belt is a literal back-saver. The belt serves as a snug back brace and transfers the protective garment’s weight, which typically hangs on your shoulders, to your hips instead. A hook-and-loop fastener at the shoulder pulls up the front panel’s weight, and pockets are conveniently placed at the chest and hip. The result is unparalleled comfort combined with full-length, wrap-around radiation protection.

Wide Belt Wrap Around

Get ultimate back support and radiation protection with the Wide Belt Wrap Around. This protective apron features the same 6″ wide belt used on our Comfort Wrap. The front panel fastens securely with an inside buckle and hook-and-loop closure. Add pockets at the chest and hip, and you have our most popular full-length wrap around.

Diamond Back

Full front and back protection with a more flexible range of fit due to the adjustable belt and buckle and closure.

Stretch Back Reverse Wrap Around

With the Stretch Back features of the Vari-Flex apron in mind, this wrap around contains elastic velcro closures to provide a secure, snug fit. This wrap around is ideal for wearing during long procedures.


The Veterinarian Apron features a smooth surface that minimises damage caused by animal claws. Durable yet soft the 2.5 cm straps cross the back and tie securely in front, providing a snug and comfortable fit. Velcro shoulder strap prevents slippage. The apron is available in one size, 70 cm x 91 cm. AVAILABLE ONLY AS SHOWN.  0.50MM PROTECTION.