Aqui-Pak™ Absorbent Pouches

  • Ideal for Biological Substance Category B or Exempt Animal / Human Specimen packaging
  • Excellent absorbent capacity
  • Aqui-Pak™ pouches can be customized to individual specifications

Aqui-Pak™ was designed for the safe transport of laboratory specimen tubes by keeping the tubes separate and providing cushioning at the same time. It consists of a multi-layered polymeric material that has extremely high absorption properties. To use, simply place the tubes in the provided bays and insert the Aqui-Pak™ into secondary packaging. During shipment, Aqui-Pak™ is best used in combination with a specimen bag or canister to comply with DOT and IATA shipping regulations.

6 Bay Aqui-Pak™ 900/case

4 Bay Aqui-Pak™ 900/case