Specimen Collection, Transport and Storage Containers

  • Containers are sterilised by gamma irradiation and labelled with a security tab, which has room for patient information.
  • Ideal for pneumatic tube systems and other harsh transport conditions
  • Caps are secure at 10 to 12 in-lbs closing torque
  • Containers are precision moulded without the use of plasticisers or de-moulding additives

These containers are specifically designed for safe, secure collection and transportation of biological specimens for laboratory evaluation. The container features accurate, easy-to-read, moulded-in graduations on three sides. Top and bottom ribbed etchings ease the opening and closing process when wearing examination gloves. Containers are flexible, crack-resistant and are manufactured from virgin, high clarity, chemically inert, medical grade polypropylene. Heavy duty polyethylene screw caps feature a unique dual fill circle thread design which provides a tight, leak-proof seal. Listings below include natural caps. For colour-coded caps, contact us for details.

60 mL / 48 mm Sterile Container with Label, Temperature Strip 500/case

90 mL / 53 mm Sterile Container with Label, Temperature Strip 400/case