NanoCool, Refrigerated 2-8ºC

  • Actively maintains 2°C – 8°C temperatures
  • No gel packs required
  • Temperature tested to ISTA 7D standards
  • Arrives ready to activate and ship
  • Can be conveniently stored at room temperature

Therapak’s 2-8°C Specimen Shipping System features self-cooling technology built into the lid. With no refrigeration required, activate the cooling process with the simple push of a button and your contents will remain in the 2° to 8°C range from 48 to 92 hours depending on system selection with no further conditioning or temperature control necessary.

Extended Duration Systems offer longer temperature maintenance without increasing the dimensional shipping weight of the system.

2-8°C Shipping System, Small 48 Hours 4/case

2-8°C Shipping System, Large 48 Hours 2/case