Guarantees & Warrantees

Protective Aprons

CMA offers customers 2 comprehensive, innovative, market-leading warrantees unmatched in the industry.

30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Firstly, within 30 days of receiving your new apron should you dislike the colour / pattern or prefer a different style of apron CMA will exchange at No Cost… No questions asked!!

24 Month Unconditional Warranty

Secondly, CMA offers an unconditional no questions asked 24 month warranty on all our aprons. CMA warrants against defects in materials or workmanship.

Protective Eyewear

CMA only provides Protective Eyewear compliant to AUST standard  #21987 Protective & Safety Glasses. Eyewear is guaranteed to be delivered in working condition however CMA does not warrant eyewear against breakage due to misuse or mishandling.