What our clients say

We are constantly engaging with our clients to source the best x-ray protection, manufacture the best storage solution, design new products based upon their feedback or even attend to and rectify their disappointments.

This is why it’s great when we hear feedback on our efforts.

Impressive Quality

“Good Morning Martin,

We have received our x-ray gowns and are thrilled with them, several staff are say[ing] that they are very comfortable and love the non-slip band.

I have been chatting with our x-ray department and they are also impressed when they saw the quality of your product. So we are now looking at a long term project to use Complete Medical as the supplier for this facility.”

Acting Clinical Products Co-Ordinator @health.qld.gov.au

A dream come true

“I have been screening my Hospitals and several outside Dental Clinic Lead Gowns for several years. Very glad to be performing this service but the admin side is a nightmare. Someone will buy new gowns and re-name/number/ID all the gowns, making it very time consuming to keep track of the individual gowns history.

The Complete SmartID software is a dream come true.

I downloaded a free QR scanner for my phone and found this great to use to add new gowns for my inventory. Being in a Radiogrpahy Department with lots of Lead Shielding, I have bad phone reception at my Screening room, so I use the unique code and type directly into the software rather than use the QR scanner for normal testing.

The ability to upload a photo to help illustrate the history is a great idea.

Once checking a gown is finished, the colour coding allows very fast checking of the status of all gowns. For myself to see all gowns I deal with is sensible, but to have the indivudl Clinics be able to only see their own gowns when they log in is fantastic.

My last lot of testing was much quicker and only needing to let the outside Clinics know that it misdone and which ones to check once they are lodged in is a big time saver.

Very happy.”

Assistant Chief Radiographer Bankstown Hospital